Sunday, May 12, 2024

Bible Study for Sunday, May 12, 2024 - "Honoring Mothers: A Biblical Perspective"


This Bible study explores the biblical principles of honoring mothers, drawing insights from Scripture and reflecting on the examples of motherhood found in the Bible.

Bible Verses to Read

  • Exodus 20:12
  • Ephesians 6:2-3
  • Luke 1:28, 46-47
  • Proverbs 31:28-31
  • John 19:25-27
Questions to Consider
  1. What do these passages teach us about the importance of honoring parents, especially mothers?
  2. How do the examples of Eve, Mary, and the virtuous woman in Proverbs inspire us in our own roles as mothers or in honoring our mothers?
  3. Reflect on the sacrificial love and selflessness displayed by mothers in Scripture. How does this influence your perspective on motherhood?
Share your reflections and thoughts on the significance of honoring mothers according to biblical principles. How do these teachings resonate with your own experiences or observations of motherhood? Let's engage in meaningful dialogue and mutual encouragement as we honor and celebrate mothers this week.

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