About the Ministry Team

Jesse K. Johns, ThM
Sr. Chaplain/Co-Founder
SFIHG Ministries

Throughout his life, Brother Jesse has served ministries and churches alike by providing congregations with spiritual leadership and guidance.

At the age of 12, he accepted Christ Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord and was baptized by Joe Broadway, the pastor of Eastwood Baptist Church in Gatesville, Texas. Since that moment, Jesse has walked daily with the Lord and works to help churches develop to their fullest potential and service in God's kingdom.

In the past, Brother Jesse has served churches in his community as committee chairperson, deacon, deacon chairperson and a member of pastor search and church by-law committees. He continues to serve churches in his community as a spiritual leader dedicated to preaching the Word of God and helping those who are in need.

During the last part of 2017 and through the entire year of 2018, Brother Jesse faced the most difficult situation in his life, an illness that nearly ended his life. After seeing multiple doctors and specialists, no one could diagnosis what he faced until one specialist was able to determine his illness. 

Brother Jesse was immediately referred to a premier Atlanta hospital system renowned for its research and diagnostic capabilities. Within less than 24 hours of seeing the first of many specialists, Brother Jesse underwent emergency surgery. He spent weeks in the hospital as a team of 25 specialists and doctors worked around the clock to isolate his illness and began to aggressively treat him. God's grace and healing hand were upon him and He guided the team of doctors to save Brother Jesse's life.

In time, the team of specialists and doctors increased as Brother Jesse continued to endure more and more complications from his illness. Each day he had to infuse IV antibiotics every six hours. Every week a nurse had to visit him to change the dressing that protected his PICC line. 

After suffering almost two years from the illness and its affects, additional surgeries and the side-effects of the medications that he had to take daily, Brother Jesse is here today still proclaiming the Word of God and telling his story of faith as he walked through that darkest valley.

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