Saturday, May 4, 2024

Bible Study for Saturday, May 4th, 2024: "Walking in the Light of God's Word"


In our final study of this series, we reflect on the call to walk in the light of God's Word. Drawing from our exploration of 1 Peter 1:23-25, we consider what it means to live as people who are deeply rooted in Scripture, allowing its truth to guide our steps and illuminate our path.

Bible Verses to Read
  • 1 Peter 1:23-25
  • Psalm 119:105
  • John 8:12
Questions for Consideration
  1. Reflect on Psalm 119:105. How does this verse depict the role of God's Word in guiding our steps and illuminating our path?
  2. Consider John 8:12. What does it mean for Jesus to be the light of the world, and how does this relate to our understanding of Scripture?
  3. In what ways can you intentionally walk in the light of God's Word in your daily life?
  4. How can you allow Scripture to shape your decisions, attitudes, and actions as you navigate the challenges and opportunities of each day?
Share Your Thoughts
Share your reflections on walking in the light of God's Word. How do you seek to align your life with the truths of Scripture? What practical steps can you take to allow God's Word to guide your steps and illuminate your path? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

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