Friday, June 14, 2024

Letter from the Pastor - Friday, June 14, 2024: Embracing the Spirit-Led Life

Dear Beloved in Christ,

As we conclude this week, let us once again reflect on the powerful message from Romans 8:5-8 and the transformative power of living a Spirit-led life. We have learned about the stark contrast between the mindset of the flesh and the mindset of the Spirit, and the profound consequences of each.

The mindset of the flesh leads to death, spiritual alienation, and a life devoid of peace. It is driven by self-centered desires and remains in constant conflict with God’s laws. On the other hand, the mindset of the Spirit brings life and peace, guiding us into a deeper relationship with God and aligning our lives with His will.

Living a Spirit-led life requires us to consciously choose the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all aspects of our lives. This involves regular prayer, diligent Scripture study, and active participation in our faith community. By doing so, we can cultivate a mindset that pleases God and leads to a fulfilling and peaceful life.

As you go about your day, remember to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your thoughts and actions. Let us strive to live in a way that reflects God's love, wisdom, and grace. May we continue to grow in our faith and walk in the Spirit, experiencing the abundant life that God has promised.

In His Service,
Brother Jesse
Co-founder & Sr. Chaplain
SFIHG Ministries

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