Saturday, June 15, 2024

Announcement for Father's Day Message

Dear Beloved Congregation,

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 16, 2024, at 12 PM EDT, we will be sharing a special Father's Day message on our ministry website. This message, titled "Embracing the Sacred Role of Fatherhood: A Biblical Perspective," will delve into the divine blueprint of fatherhood as revealed through scripture. We will explore the virtues of compassion, strength, leadership, and the enduring legacy that characterize godly fatherhood.

Join us as we reflect on the profound role that fathers play in our lives and seek inspiration from God's Word to guide and uplift all fathers in our community. This message is not only for fathers but for everyone who wishes to understand and appreciate the sacred calling of fatherhood.

We encourage you to remember this significant message and share it with your friends and family. Let us come together to honor and celebrate the fathers among us, drawing strength and wisdom from the teachings of our Heavenly Father.

Stay blessed, and we look forward to sharing this meaningful message with you.

In His Service,
Brother Jesse
Co-founder & Sr. Chaplain
SFIHG Ministries

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