Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Mid-Week Message - A Significant Life

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?  Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care.  And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."  Matthew 10:29-31  (NIV)

Stop what you are doing and come close.  I want you to completely tune in to today's topic.  Answer this question - how do you feel about yourself?  Think before you answer because I want you to truly examine your heart before you respond.  I ask this question because an alarmingly large proportion of those living today struggle with feeling insignificant.  This idea of ourselves can begin in countless ways but the end result is the same.  We wonder why we are even here.  

Notice that I include myself in this.  It is a battle I have fought for most of my life.  Sadly, we spend far too much time feeling as if we don't fit in and far too little time seeking, examining and acknowledging what our Father in Heaven has to say.  This must greatly please the enemy because when we are feeling sorry for ourselves our focus is not on the wonder and majesty of the Lord. 

One of the things you will see me write often is how intimately the Lord desires to be involved in our lives.  Psalm 139 tells us that He was with us in our mothers' wombs and saw us being formed.  It also says that all of our days were written in His book before we even came to be.  So important are we to Him that, as Isaiah 49:16 tells us, our names are engraved on His hand.  

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, He was born for you and me.  He left the beauty and perfection of Heaven to begin His life in a feeding trough.  He spent His life teaching about who He is, and declaring His love for us.  Ultimately, He was brutally beaten, belittled, spat upon and horrifyingly nailed to a cross and that also was for you and me.  He gave His life to buy our pardon.  So great is His love for us that He took upon Himself every sin that had ever, and would ever, be committed.  Nails had no power over the Savior.  The only thing strong enough to keep Him on that cross was love.  Then He fulfilled His greatest promise and rose again.  Even now He intercedes for us before the Father.  Does this sound as though He feels we are insignificant?

I am all too aware that each of us faces hardships of one kind or another and that it is easy to feel that nothing ever seems to change for the better.  We can feel isolated and that life is passing us by.  When we sit and focus on ourselves we open the door for the enemy to whisper in our ears that our lives count for little, that few people care about us and that we have very little to contribute.  

But, think about this....Almighty God, perfect in every way, chose to create this world and He didn't think it was complete without you.  He made only one of each of us, so it stands to reason that we each have a purpose.  You may never know how many lives you touch, how many hearts you impact.  Like in the movie "It's A Wonderful Life", if you or I had not been born then this world would be totally different.  Just consider -  our children or grandchildren would never have been born.  Do you think the world is a better place with them in it?  

We have to change our focus.  Spending more time in God's Word will fill our minds and hearts with His thoughts.  Reaching out will lift up others who are struggling too.  There is always a way to make a positive contribution.  Ask the Lord to reveal to you a talent you may be unaware of or how to better use one you are aware of.  Strive to bring joy to someone.  Even if you just impact one life, to that one person you may be the most significant soul on earth.  

I pray that we all might align ourselves with how Jesus sees us then find a way to share His love with as many other people as possible.  May your day, and life, be blessed.

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