Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Bible Study - Wednesday, March 13th

This Bible study explores the theme of seeking wisdom and guidance from God. Participants will examine verses from the book of James, focusing on the importance of seeking God's wisdom in decision-making and trusting His guidance in all areas of life.

Verses to Read:
1. James 1:5
2. James 3:17
3. James 4:8

Questions to Consider:
1. What does it mean to ask God for wisdom, and how does He promise to respond?
2. How does the wisdom that comes from God differ from worldly wisdom, as described in James 3:17?
3. How can we cultivate a heart that seeks after God and His wisdom in our daily lives?

After reading the provided verses and reflecting on the questions, please share your thoughts and experiences in seeking God's wisdom in the comments section below. Let's learn from one another as we strive to walk in God's wisdom and guidance.

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