Saturday, July 22, 2023

Epistle to the Colossians - Background

The book of Colossians holds a special place in the New Testament, being one of the Pauline epistles. Written by the apostle Paul, it was directed to the believers residing in the city of Colossae, situated in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). The historical context of Colossae reveals a diverse population, influenced by various cultural and philosophical ideas. Within this setting, the church in Colossae faced challenges posed by false teachings, encompassing a mixture of Jewish legalism, Greek philosophy, and mystical beliefs. Recognizing the confusion and deviation from the true gospel, Paul, during his imprisonment in Rome around AD 60-62, wrote this letter to exhort the believers to stand firm in their faith in Christ and combat the allure of deceptive doctrines. Throughout Colossians, Paul passionately emphasizes the supremacy of Christ, warning against the dangers of legalism and asceticism, and providing practical guidance on living a Christ-centered life. As we delve into this epistle, let us grasp the timeless truths it holds and learn how to apply its teachings in our lives today.

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