Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Mid-Week Message - Valentines Day

"Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor." Romans 12:10

I used to love Valentines Day in school.  Each year we got to craft a "mailbox" for students to put our Valentines in. I would dig through my mother's sewing box and dig out pieces of fabric, lace and ruffles to glue on mine.  Then I would cut hearts out of construction paper, doilies and foil.  Each year I thought my box would be the most elaborate and the prettiest one in the classroom.  There was no award for the nicest box but it was important to me that mine stood out.  I guess somewhere deep down I thought the prettiest box would get the most cards.  

Fast forward to adult life.  When I was single I used to look longingly at the flowers that were delivered at work to the ladies with boyfriends and husbands.  Not all of them received them, but many did.  I thought it would be the most romantic thing ever to have flowers delivered to me at work.  The first Valentines Day of my married life, the flowers never came.  However, when I got home, my husband met me with a dozen roses and a glass slipper.  I was overwhelmed with emotion as I realized that it didn't matter if the flowers were delivered to my job or not.  It didn't even matter that I received flowers and a gift or not.  What mattered was the demonstration of the love my husband had for me.  

We all crave affection, and not just one day of the year.  Holidays have become opportunities for financial gain for companies that cater to them.  Cards, candy, jewelry, and flowers are big sellers this week.  Florists are working overtime trying to deliver all the orders.  But flowers die, candy gets eaten, cards eventually get either thrown away or shoved in a drawer.  What lingers is the satisfaction that comes from the love that was shown.  That is what matters because we each have a basic need for love.  

Romans 12:10 intrigues me.  What would happen if we actually followed its instruction to "outdo one another in showing honor?"  If each of us made it our mission to be the most loving to our families, neighbors, acquaintances and everyone else around us, what would change?  If we met that basic need for love in one another, if we all made that our mission, can you imagine the joy that would ensue?  I was elated to be met with flowers and a glass slipper one time.  It has continued over the last twenty six years to impact my life.  That is how important a display of affection can be.  

Wherever you find yourself today, please know that at least one person loves you - me.  If it was in my power to deliver hugs or other displays of that love, I would do it eagerly.  Please reach out to those around you and honor them.  Don't wait for a special day or occasion.  There may not be another.  God bless you.

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