Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mid-Week Message - Pray for the Brokenhearted

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."
Psalm 147:3 (NIV)

Last week we saw a horrific tragedy take place at a high school in Florida.  A former student returned to the campus with the intention of stealing the lives of innocent victims.  By the time he was finished, seventeen students and teachers were dead and many more injured.  Each of these individuals had plans for their day and for their lives.  When they left their homes that morning they had no idea it would be for the last time.

As a mother myself, my first thoughts were for the mothers of the young people who had senselessly lost their lives.  I cannot imagine losing my child to an accident or an illness but I certainly cannot comprehend having one murdered.  I know there are many people that have lost loved ones violently at the hands of another person.  I have to wonder how they are able to continue to live their lives after such an occurrence.  

I don't want to use my time this week talking about why there is such evil in the world.  It is enough to know that it is here and it will continue to grow worse until Jesus returns.  It will effect everyone's life at one time or another.  The enemy's plan is to ensnare as many as possible and steal all he can from our Lord and he will stop at nothing to do it.  

What I do want to use this post for is to remind every reader to be in prayer for the wounded and all of the families involved.  Days have passed and the story is no longer the headline in the news.  However, for these families, the world has changed forever and they will need support for a long time to come.  As they go through this season of grieving, please lift them up, even though you may not know any of them personally.  Ask the Lord to surround them with His loving arms and by people that love Him and will grieve with them.  He will comfort them.  He is faithful.  May God bless each of us with His protection this coming week.  

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