Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Mid-Week Message - The Praise of Music

 "O come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!  Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!"  Psalm 95:1-2  (ESV) 

Music.  It can warm the heart, soothe troubled emotions, conjure memories long forgotten and convey messages like no other medium can.  From the time our mothers sing lullabies in our infancy, to the hymns that remind us that Jesus is near as our days come to an end, we walk through life accompanied by the precious sounds of melody and harmony.  Whether it comes from ocean waves or an electronic box, we cling to it and allow it to play upon our mind and hearts as we make our way through our allotted time.  What a gift our Creator gave when He created music.  How bland would our world be without it?  

Tonight I sat and listened to one of my favorite things.  I love hearing men raise their voices in song.  There is something majestic about the male voice, especially when it is being used to praise the Father.  The rich tones of tenor and bass, joining together to express adoration to the Almighty thrills my heart.  And, I have to wonder, if it thrills my heart, what does it do for the One to whom it is being lifted?  

Scripture speaks of singing songs and hymns both to each other and to the Lord.  Today's verse is only one reference.  As with all the talents we have been given, ultimately they are meant to be used to bring glory and honor to Him from whom they came.   The sound in Heaven must be beyond description as those who have gone before us sing His praises.  

As I enjoyed the beautiful voices that I listened to tonight, I found myself wishing that the music would continue forever although I knew that the performances would come to an end.  My heart was gladdened and my spirit was uplifted and the feeling it created was one that I did not wish to lose.  I couldn't imagine that I would ever tire of hearing such sounds.  Ah, but then I remembered a precious truth.  One day, not all that long in the future, we will be where Jesus is, walking with Him and having the privilege not only of hearing, but participating in the glorious choir of souls that have eternity to sing love songs to our Savior!  

As we go through this week I pray that each heart would be touched by a song that is a reminder of His undying grace and mercy.  May we begin and end our days with the melody of praise in our minds and on our lips.  God bless! 

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