Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Mid-Week Message - A Prayer to Our Father

"Don't be afraid, for I am with you.  Don't be discouraged, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you.  I will hold you up by my victorious right hand."  Isaiah 41:10  (NLT)

Oh, Lord, may your name be exalted and may all worship and honor be yours.  For you have shown your love to us in such magnificent ways.  We are always in your presence, in good times and in those that are sorrowful or full of fear.  

When we are lonely, you are our companion.  There is never a time that we call out to you that you fail to hear our cries.  Though we may not see you, your Word assures us that you will always be with us. 

When sadness befalls us and tears drip from wet eyes, all comfort comes from you.  The arms that enfold us come with your blessing and remind us that you also know how grief overwhelms the heart.  With compassion comes reassurance that there is no greater love than that which comes from Heaven. 

As we face illness and threats of disease to come, how grateful we are that you created us and know each and every cell in our bodies.  You are the Great Physician, the Healer of mind, body and spirit, the One that was with us as we were knitted together in our mothers' wombs.   

In times of great turmoil, we are able to turn to you, and in your perfect understanding you listen as we lay our troubling thoughts before you.  There is no wisdom that will ever surpass that of the great I Am and we can rest in the knowledge that you will guide us in the way that we should go.

During this time when the world around us is changing rapidly and we find ourselves frightened by the changes that we see, your Word reminds us that you will uphold us by your victorious right hand.  Nothing happens that is out of your sight.  You know history from beginning to end so the best thing for us to do is to carry our concerns to you in prayer and stay close by your side.   

You possess all power.  Nothing that we will ever encounter will be too great for you to handle.  

You are able to be with each of us as if we were your only child.  We can't understand it, but we are humbled by that kind of attention from our Heavenly Father.  

Lord, you, and you alone, are worthy of our worship and praise.  There is no way for us to adequately express how much we adore you except to open our hearts and allow you full access.  Make us into who you wish us to be.  Forgive us of our sins and wash us clean so that when you look at us you see the image of Jesus.  

Help us to be mindful that the days of this earth are growing fewer and that there are many around us that are not aware of the sacrifice made to secure our relationship with you.  Your Word says that you don't wish any to perish so give us the courage to open our hearts and mouths so that others might accept the Savior.  

We love you so.  May we never forget your promises and may we never have a day when we fail to honor you.  

In the name of your precious Son, 


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