Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Mid-Week Message - Miracle of Miracles

"...and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son.  She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them."  Luke 2:7  (NIV)  

Christmas has come and it is the official time set aside to celebrate the coming of the Son of God, whose name was called Immanuel, which means "God With Us." He was the first Christmas present  and the only one that will endure forever.  No matter what possessions we gain here on earth, nothing will ever be greater than Almighty God coming in human form to live among us and ultimately die in our place so that we might have forgiveness for our sins and life eternal with Him in Heaven. 

Each year as I gaze at the empty space beneath the tree after the gifts are opened, I think that the tree looks lonely somehow.  Then I think about the manger that held our newborn King and how lonely it must have been when the stay in Bethlehem was over.  For awhile it was graced with the warmth of His tiny body.  Infant cries and gurgles filled the stable with the precious reminder that our Savior was present.  As Joseph guarded and Mary pondered, the Miracle of Miracles drew breath and began experiencing life as we experience life so that He could intercede for us before the Father for eternity.  

Thirty-three years later, another tree sat lonely atop Golgotha.  This one was stained with His blood and marked by His sweat.  Here He was crucified.  Here He took our punishment upon Himself, held in place, not by nails, but by the greatest love that will ever exist.  After His death He was carried to a tomb that belonged to another, His body wrapped in cloth once again and sealed within, to fulfill His promise to rise on the third day.  Once again He walked among us, this time after defeating death itself.  Oh, glory of glories!  

As you and your family observe this day, please spend some time remembering and honoring Jesus.  Without Him, we would have nothing to celebrate. From our home to yours come prayers that your day will be blessed with His presence.  I stand gratefully His grace.  

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