Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Mid-Week Message - God's Perspective of Protection

"Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure."  Psalm 147:5 (ESV)  

Each Tuesday morning I drive to a nearby town to use the pool at the YMCA.  I enjoy the drive I take because I use back roads where I get to see horses, donkeys and cattle.  There is one intersection though that can be a bit tricky.  In order to see the approaching traffic, it is necessary to angle the car in a certain way.  Yesterday, a driver in a van that was behind me there was honking the horn because they were unable to see what I could see which was several vehicles approaching at a rapid rate of speed.  If I had heeded the honking, I could have been killed.  However, I understood that the driver behind me could not see from my perspective and was unaware of the danger he was urging me into. 

As He often does, the Lord used this for a lesson.  We navigate life from our own vantage point.  We make decisions based on what we see and understand.  We pray in accordance with our understanding of what we desire or need.  Then, when we believe God says "no" or doesn't answer, we get upset thinking He hasn't heard or doesn't care.  We tend to forget that He is able to see the things that we cannot.  He knows how granting our wishes will impact our lives.  

When my daughter was very young, she was curious about the stove when I was cooking.  She would reach up, captivated by the fire under the pans.  Because I loved her and didn't want her harmed, I would stop her.  But, one day, she seemed more determined than ever before.  I warned her repeatedly that she was going to burn herself.  I tried to redirect her attention to something else.  Nothing was working.  So, I watched as she placed her little hand on the stove near the heat.  Though she wasn't injured, she learned that day that sometimes she should listen to her mom.  Because I had knowledge that she didn't, I was able to see what could happen if she got what she wanted.  

There are several things that I and my family are praying for.  We pray from our own perceptions of what would fulfill our needs and be advantageous for us.  I'm sure you are doing the same.  When we lay our requests before the Father we need to trust Him to do what is in our best interest, remembering that He is able to see what we cannot.  He knows whether those things will ultimately bring good or harm into our lives.  Rather than questioning His judgement or response to our prayers, we need to be grateful for His great love and thank Him for protecting us.  Even though we may not know why He answers differently than we hope, we can always be assured that He wants only the best for us and will give accordingly.  

As we approach Christmas, the time of giving, let's be mindful of the One that we look to for guidance and provision and thank Him for His perfect wisdom and His direction as He helps us navigate the dangerous intersections of our lives.  God bless!  

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