Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Mid-Week Message - An Unexpected Lesson

 "For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength."  Philippians 4:13 (NLT)

Our house has a deck in the back that has four steps that lead to the yard.  When our dogs need to go out they have to go down those steps.  Our thirteen year old miniature poodle, Custer, has arthritis in his hips and back legs and has a difficult time during cold weather.  When my husband is home, he will carry him down and back up.  But when he isn't here then it becomes my responsibility to help Custer.  Last week I put him on a leash and walked him out through the garage.  This week is warmer and he has been walking better and has wanted to go in the yard.  Yesterday he was fine.  He went up and down the steps on his own with no problem.  Today, however, he went down but was afraid to come back up.  After watching him stand at the bottom and bark and cry for help, I went through the garage where we have another set of steps that has railings on both sides.  This is important because I also have arthritis and need support on both sides in order to be able to handle steps.  

When I managed to get to the steps where Custer was, at first he moved away from me.  I guess he was unsure of how I was going to help him.  When he finally came over, all it took was for me to place my hand on him and he went right up.  All he needed was to know someone was there in order to find the confidence to do what he needed to do.  This took place twice today.  He needed help getting up the steps and I needed the assurance I could go down and up and not fall.  

We all encounter times when we need courage to be able to do what is before us.  Just as I placed my hand on Custer to give him the courage to go up the steps, so the Lord assists us when we are fearful of going forward.  Last year I learned deep lessons about trusting God.  While dealing with my husband's illness and all the uncertainties, leaning on Him was the only way I was able to make it through each day.  My continual prayer was, "Lord, please don't loosen your grip on us."  I praise Him for honoring that prayer and getting us through the most trying year of our lives and our marriage.  

As I was going up those steps this morning I realized something.  At all times, especially when we are struggling, our Father has His hand on our backs to remind us of His presence and to allow us to draw our courage from Him.  Each step we take is taken through the power He provides.  The ability to put one foot in front of the other is a gift that comes directly from the Creator.  He is also the supporting rails that we hold onto so that we don't fall.  By placing our hands in His, we gain the assurance that we don't ever have to rely solely upon our own strength. We grow tired.  We ache and think we can't continue.  But by accessing the power of the Almighty, what is seemingly impossible becomes possible.  

Little Custer had no idea that I would see the Lord through his weakness today.  Neither did I. I am constantly amazed at how He reveals Himself through everyday occurrences.  All it takes to learn divine lessons is to have our minds and eyes open.  Ours is not a God who is far away and disinterested.  Rather, He is always present, always available and always ready for us to turn to Him.  My hope is that we all remember the all-encompassing love He provides and allow Him to be all He wants to be in our lives.  May this be a week of eye-opening revelations.  God bless.   

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