Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Praise & Worship Message - Experience God’s Abundance

God blesses each and every day of our lives. We are truly blessed by Him. When you think about it, each day and moment are blessings. The gift of His son as atonement for our sins and transgressions is undeserved, but He freely gives each of us that gift. Does God expect anything in return for His goodness and mercy? Yes, He does. He expects us to love and worship Him every day and to love those around us. The other part is that God does bless us by providing miracles in our lives that never cease to amaze and bewilder us. When we have financial problems, God provides. When we struggle spiritually, God provides. When we have any problems in our lives, God provides the answer that meets our specific needs and desires. Why would we ever think that God would not provide for us abundantly? He does give us what we need daily, but He also gives us more than we can even imagine.

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