Friday, January 27, 2017

God's Grace is Greater

While I was running a few errands the other day, I happened to stop behind a SUV with bumper stickers. Like others, I began to read them. Sometimes you run across a car with a lot of political stickers. This one was different. There were a lot of Christians stickers on this SUV. 

There was one sticker on this particular vehicle that really got me to thinking. It beautifully summed up the foundation of our belief in salvation. It stated the following.

Our sins are great, but God's grace is greater.

That one bumper sticker simply and succinctly explained the very nature of our faith. We have been given a wonderful gift of grace. We did not deserve it, but God, through His son, Jesus, gave us that gift and we have the opportunity to accept it. That grace also tells us that God loved us so very much that He gave His son as our atonement for our sins.

As you start your weekend, please think about the bumper sticker and thank Him for that amazing grace.

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