Friday, January 27, 2017

Encouraging Words

As I was reading an article, I ran across something I would like to share with our faith family and grace partners. I know that each of us face a lot of problems and fears in your lives. I can tell you that Karla and my family are facing some very difficult problems, but we know that God, to use a military term, has our 6 and then some. The best way to put it is that He has our 360. Just like Job, God has placed a hedge of protection around us. 

As we continue to grow the ministry, we seem to have more and more problems pop up. Karla and I both feel that we must be getting under Satan's skin and he is working overtime to bring harm to us. Sometimes, we do get discouraged, but we quickly respond with prayer and look to our Heavenly Father for that protection. He provides. Yes, He is our Jehovah Jireh. God will see to it and provide for us. I thank God for Karla and her prayers as we go through some very trying times. It is only through His grace that we can overcome Satan's slings and arrows. So, we, like you, stand firm in His grace.

As we go through our own problems, we never forgot our faith family and grace partners and continue to pray for each of you. We are so very thankful that we are blessed with such wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. Remember, you are always very special to us and in our prayers.

I am sharing this with you.

When it rains, look for a rainbow.
When it is dark, look for stars.

Yours in Christ,
Chaplain JJ

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