Friday, January 13, 2017

Continuing to Grow

Within 13 days of our launch of the "Stand Firm in His Grace" website, we have seen over 1,800 page views. Our Twitter channel has grown immensely to over 1,530 followers. The Facebook page has also grown at a steady rate. Our podcasts are also growing with more and more listeners. 

When we look back at all of the effort that has been spent on building, growing and reaching out to the local community and beyond, we thank God for this wonderful blessing and opportunity to serve Him. 

We also thank Him for all of the prayers, words of encouragement and financial support of our faith family and partners. With all of the services needed to support a website and its hosting, podcasts and other essential services, the cost starts to add up very quickly. Because of the generosity of our faith partners and those grateful for the grace given to them, we are able to cover the cost of our ministry.

As we continue to expand and serve more, we will need more help. We know that God will continue to provide the funds necessary to keep this ministry growing and serving.

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