Saturday, March 17, 2018

Prayers for the Persecuted - Pastor Andrew Brunson

In a bleak turn, the Turkish prosecutor has essentially demanded a life sentence for American Pastor Andrew Brunson.

Pastor Andrew devoted 23 years to peaceful service of the Christian community in Turkey until he was arrested 17 months ago.

Since his arrest, there has been little progress in his case and not a scrap of evidence produced against him. It seems Pastor Andrew has been locked away simply because of his Christian faith.

Pastor Andrew's Turkish attorney has now confirmed the prosecution has submitted an indictment asking for a sentence of 35 years. Pastor Andrew is 50 years old, so such a request essentially becomes a life sentence for the innocent pastor. The court now has 15 days to decide whether the case should proceed.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Andrew and all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who suffer for their faith.

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