Sunday, January 28, 2018

Announcement - Recorded Sunday Praise & Worship Messages

While I was sick and unable to record our messages, I began posting them in written form with the intention of recording them when I recovered. During that period, we received requests to continue to post the written messages. There are some who prefer to read and share them in a text format. 

As my wife and I thought about these requests, we see the value to those who prefer to read our messages. Given all of the requests, we have decided to do both. We will be providing the messages in written and audio format for those who wish to listen while driving.

If I hadn't gotten so ill, I would have never considered the value to our brothers and sisters in Christ to have both formats.

Once again, thank you for prayers and for your suggestions on how to improve our ministry. We reach thousands of people every month and desire to reach more. Because of your prayers and love offerings, we are able to grow the ministry and spread the word of God to those all around the world.

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